Healthcare reform

Healthcare for profit is wrong, is not economical, and is bad for everyone except the well-insured and wealthy. People should not live in fear that they could be bankrupted if they become sick or injured. Our local economy would be stronger and better able to adapt to changing market opportunities if everyone had healthcare as a right. The insurance industry has hijacked healthcare with the help of Republicans since the 80s. It is long overdue to put people over profit. You have better things to do with your hard-earned money!

I experienced healthcare for all and KNOW that it is less expensive for everyone. You CAN have your own doctor and noone waits for needed emergency care! When Healthcare systems prioritize people over profits for the insurance industry and medical establishment, working families can thrive, businesses are more flexible in who they can hire, and no one lives in fear of having to choose between their family's health and food on the table.


In the wake of the disastrous Brownback taxation experiment, our schools need new investment, teachers need better pay, and our children need a 21st century education that prepares them for an uncertain tomorrow. The ever changing world economy facing a global environmental emergency during the worst pandemic of our lives requires new ways of looking at education for our children who face an uncertain future. To cut spending on our children's education is wrong. We must invest in our children's education and expand educational opportunities for adults also! Education is the future!

Economic Development

The Kansas economy needs new sources of employment and taxation. Our local economy has for too long been hostage to the cyclical ups and downs of the aircraft industry while the state's traditional farming base of family farms has been sold out by decades of Republican deceipt to agribusiness corporations whose profits are not reinvested in Kansas.

We are a people who have pioneered successful businesses from pizza & burgers to aircraft & what's next? Let's use our tradition of innovation, manufacturing competence, skilled workers, and strong midwest work ethic to diversify our economy. Green technology such as Solar and Wind is a good place to start! Another source of business activity and taxation revenue is Cannabis. The lessons learned by neighboring states allow Kansas to safely and quickly generate new jobs and millions in tax revenue to fund education, infrastructure development, and future needs. We can work together to rebuild our economy during this pandemic for a better economic future for all Kansans!